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Health Monitoring

If you have medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, heart conditions or any other medical issues, we can help you!


Read below and see how it works!


How it works!

Example: If you have diabetes or high blood pressure......


Step 1: Call us


Step 2: Our friendly staff will collect your health and insurance information


Step 3: We will deliver to you monitoring equipment for FREE, such as a blood pressure machine or blood glucose machine

Blood pressure reader


The equipment is also FREE! 

Step 4: After you receive the blood pressure or blood glucose machine, our friendly staff will guide you to set up and use the machine.

Step 5: Start using your equipment and the results from the machine are sent to us daily.

Step 6: A printed report of your daily results can be sent monthly to your doctors office!

Image by Darrell Moore

Register Today!

Why Join and Register today?

Our team of medical staff can also help to monitor your medical issues and support you.


Also, contact us today, to see if you qualify for a FREE iPAD and Health Monitoring Equipment for you and your family! 

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